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The bank does not want to finance your real estate project?
You are not yet ready to go to the bank for financing?

We offer simple and fast financing

Make your project a reality!


  • Make an appointment and send us information about your project.
  • Receive a financing offer
  • Receive the funds for your project


We have helped many real estate investors with their projects

As a bonus, we offer tips and advice so your project becomes a success

Don't let someone else take your opportunity!


We are partners in your real estate acquisitions and will help you obtain the property or properties you truly desire.

New construction

You have the land to build a new building. We can provide progressive disbursements, which are simpler than those of a bank!

Multi-unit building acquisition

You want to optimize, renovate, and refinance. You have vacant rental units? You need to buy and the bank is taking its time. We are the solution.


You found the ugliest house in the neighborhood? We're here to help

Subdivision of land

You buy a large plot of land to sell it in smaller pieces. We can accommodate you with partial repayments and lien releases.

Special Projects

If you need temporary funding for a special project or are waiting for a sale or refinancing, we're here for you!

Client Testimonials


We take care of your projects as if they were our own

We offer a turnkey solution